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Dr. Asaria prioritizes your goals and quality over quantity, performing only one hair rejuvenation procedure a day. This commitment ensures exceptional results without compromise. For further inquiries, refer to our FAQ or contact our office regarding hair restoration, beard, or eyebrow transplants.

Hair Restoration FAQ

How is the cost of a hair transplant determined?

Wondering what determines the cost of hair transplant in Toronto? The biggest factor is the amount of hair loss that the patient has. Patients with significant hair loss require more time to carefully harvest, prepare and place thousands of individual follicles.

Another factor is the amount of donor hair the patient has available. For both techniques used by Dr. Asaria, the donor site is at the back of the head. If there is less donor hair available, there will be fewer follicles available to transplant. While this limits the surgery session size, the planning and placement of each follicle requires much more planning to achieve an acceptable cosmetic result.

A general estimation of cost

The number of grafts being used is a determining factor as well as the location of the grafts. For example, an eyebrow transplant or beard transplant requires a much more delicate technique and additional time.

The surgery is not fully based on the number of grafts to be used but on the final outcome and how to best achieve it. Planning the outcome in terms of where the hairline will be or how dense can the crown can be filled in and the harvest technique will also determine final cost.

Generally, a small area of hair transplantation will cost approximately $3,500 and the cost can range up to $17,500 for a large session of FUE. A personal consultation and examination is necessary to determine the costs for each individual patient.

Quality without compromise

Attention has been put on every step of your hair restoration journey to ensure you get the result you want in the most comfortable way possible. Avoiding the tell-tale signs of hair transplantation takes careful planning and an ability to carefully and artistically place each follicle in a natural pattern. The hair transplant cost is a reflection of the attention to detail and the surgeon’s commitment to the final outcome.

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“My approach, and my process demands that I take my time, as much time as it takes to get it exactly right. There are no compromises.”

Toronto offers many choices

The Toronto hair transplant cost varies, due to Toronto having many hair transplantation clinics and spas. Many of these use automated techniques that speed up the process allowing costs to be cut. Two of the most popular robotic methods are Artas and NeoGraft. Dr. Asaria does not use these computer-guided techniques as he feels they do not allow for the artistic and painstaking placement of each follicle.

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Hair replacement – cost vs. results

Hair transplant is a delicate procedure that requires a human touch backed by years of experience working with thousands of hair loss patients. Not only does each follicle need to be placed in a natural pattern, it must be oriented into the correct position. Natural hair grows out of the scalp in random patterns and directions. A robotic computer cannot make ongoing placement decisions mirroring the human scalp.

Additionally long-term success depends on keeping the follicles viable while they are being transplanted. A board certified head and neck surgeon accumulates several years of additional training in facial surgery making him or her far more able to manage the many complexities of hair replacement. Toronto is a hub for hair restoration, and Dr. Asaria cautions anyone considering this surgery to become as educated in the process as possible before committing to the procedure.

Our Facility

Our beautiful facility is designed for luxury, comfort and cutting-edge results . Dr. Asaria has spared no expense in outfitting our office with the latest and most advanced medical equipment.

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Our Team

A perfect result requires a team of specialists.

  • Dr. Thomas Donnelly, MD BSc FRCP, our Director of Anesthesia is one of the top Toronto anesthesiologists in his field
  • Julie Goncsalves, RN
  • Emaleigh Peel, RN
  • Shyna Asaria, RN

From our Practice Manager to our Patient Care Associates, each staff member was hand-picked by Dr. Asaria to help ensure you get the best results possible.

When it comes to natural, beautiful, and permanent results you need to best. Hair restoration done incorrectly is all too common. People seeking the cheapest hair restoration may end up with unattractive, “done” results, causing them to cover their head or seek revision surgery.

While we don’t offer the cheapest hair replacement cost Toronto has available, we do offer among the best results available. This should be thoroughly considered as you go through the decision-making process.

The cost of each procedure varies depending on complexity, number of grafts required, and donor site harvest technique (FUE vs. FUT).

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If you are interested in our custom tailored, hand-harvested hair restoration procedures, your next step is a private consultation with Dr. Asaria. During this process, he will construct an honest plan to deliver maximum relief from hair loss.

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