Eyebrow transplants in particular require not only surgical skill, but also an artist’s vision. Dr. Asaria has a keen eye for aesthetic beauty and uses your natural features to design your eyebrows to perfectly compliment your face, creating a natural and beautiful result that is permanent.

Restoration, Enhancement, Touch-up

  • Restoration: Restoration is used to address completely hairless eyebrows or bald spots.
  • Enhancement: Sometimes eyebrows only need transplantation to enhance what is already there, to create a fuller, richer look.
  • Touch-up: Years of tweezing or plucking can stop hairs from growing back and you end up with pencil-thin eyebrows that leave you no options to change your look. Dr. Asaria’s eyebrow touch-up makes it possible to have the eyebrows that fit your current style.

How Eyebrow Transplants Work

Dr. Asaria will construct a detailed transplantation plan based on your natural features and what you want your eyebrows to look like. This is the most important step in achieving the permanent results you desire. It is helpful to bring photos to illustrate your vision; either photos of yourself at a younger age or photos of celebrities who have eyebrows that you feel would suit your face.

Before beginning transplantation, the brow shape is drawn on the area so you can verify shape and fullness. In this way, you are assured of receiving the most refined and natural eyebrow transplant Toronto residents could hope for.

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Harvesting and Transplanting Hair Follicles

Healthy hair is taken from an area in the back of the scalp, as this area is genetically programmed to have hair follicles with long life, making them ideal for transplantation. The donor area is shaved so that harvesting follicles can be done in a way that doesn’t create bald spots. About every third or fourth follicle is taken which does not affect the density at the donor site. Most women can cover this up if the hair is long enough. In patients who wear their hair very short the harvesting is done as discreetly as possible.

These follicles are then implanted into your eyebrows where needed, based on the detailed plan Dr. Asaria has made. Each follicle is implanted by hand, and 50 to 1000 implants might be needed for your procedure.

The restoration can take 2-5 hours. Dr. Asaria orchestrates each procedure himself to ensure you get among the best eyebrow transplants Toronto has available. The time is divided between harvesting the follicles and transplanting them. The transplantation is done very meticulously so that Dr. Asaria’s patients get exactly what they were hoping for; a subtle yet remarkable change in the aspect of their appearance through proper aesthetic framing of the eyes. Eyebrow transplant patients in Toronto are fortunate to have a surgeon who is not satisfied with anything less than perfect results.

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Recovery and Results of Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

The procedure itself is done on an outpatient basis using only local anesthesia. This removes the risk of general anesthesia and makes it possible for patients to return to most of their usual activities immediately following their procedure. The only limitation is cosmetic as there will be evidence of the procedure for several days.

One caution for eyebrow transplant patients is to ensure the brow area is protected from sunlight and very gently cleaned for at least the first few days. The meticulous care taken to harvest and place each follicle can be wasted if the site is not gently treated and protected from the sun so that the transplanted follicles have an opportunity to establish.

As the transplants heal, there may be some scabbing and swelling and the area will likely feel itchy. The same is true for the donor site. There will likely be some itching as healing takes place and there may be a slight burning sensation at the donor site which is easily managed by topical lotions.

As a normal part of the healing and regrowth process, the transplanted hairs may fall out. This does not mean the follicles are failing to thrive; they are established and will grow new hair within the next 3 to 6 months. The hair that will grow is permanent unless there is a medical condition that affects overall hair growth.

Periodic Grooming Will be Necessary

The only difference between natural eyebrow hair and eyebrow transplant hair is that it will continue to grow, just as the hair on your head grows. Periodic eyebrow grooming will be necessary to keep the hair's eyebrow length. Providing his patients with the most aesthetic eyebrow transplant Toronto can produce, Dr. Asaria ensures his patients are well informed on how to care for their eyebrows as they grow.

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