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Dr. Jamil Asaria

Dr. Asaria's Toronto Hair Transplant

Unlike hair restoration methods of the past, modern hair transplants provide patients with natural, convincing hair restoration. When patients take advantage of recent developments in the field of hair transplantation, their new hair grows and behaves just like the rest of their hair. It’s almost as though hair loss never occurred in the first place. So what makes these techniques so beautiful?

Dr. Jamil Asaria is a facial cosmetic surgeon who delivers among the best hair transplant Toronto has available. As a board certified facial plastic specialist, he adheres to a strict set of hair restoration standards. While many cutting edge techniques exist in this field, they mean nothing without a dedicated and skillful surgeon. In performing hair restoration, Dr. Asaria performs no more than one procedure per day, allowing him to dedicate his total attention to giving you the natural, beautiful results you deserve.

Cutting Edge Techniques In Full Hair Restoration

In an effort to give his patients the best hair restoration Toronto has to offer, Dr. Asaria has honed his skills in a method of hair transplant surgery that is revolutionary: follicular unit extraction. A newer and often preferred method of hair transplantation, follicular unit extraction (FUE) removes individual hair follicles directly from the scalp. Because of this, patients don’t experience a long scar on the back of their head that comes from the strip method of hair transplantation. Further, patients can generally wear their hair quite short after FUE, as evidence of extraction is virtually gone in a matter of weeks.

Bespoke hair restoration

For men and women who are suffering from thinning hair, restoration is not just a matter of providing a way to get thicker hair. It has to look completely natural. Nothing is more unflattering than hair restoration done using any robotic or production-line type of treatment as those results look fabricated. No one wants their family and friends to politely ignore their ‘doll-like’ hairline at social occasions.

Speed is not a good way of planning hair restoration, yet so many large corporate hair restoration companies do just that to bolster their bottom line. At Hair Toronto, our patients are treated only by a board certified plastic surgeon with a talent for creating beautiful, believable and carefree hair restorations. This takes many hours, but Dr. Asaria’s patients are delighted with the results and grateful for the time and care he devotes to each patient.

Hair Transplant Toronto

The hairline is the test…

The hairline is particularly difficult to restore. It must look as nature intended, slightly irregular yet believable. Dr. Asaria is a consummate perfectionist who does only one hair restoration per day at his Toronto clinic. His work is painstakingly exact creating a hairline that Mother Nature would think was her own handiwork.

Dr. Asaria spends the time to tailor each hair follicle to the right location making the end result exactly as if there had never been any hair loss. There is no quick way to do this…but this hair transplant method creates the best results possible. A bespoke hair restoration is rare yet at Hair Toronto, it is the only type of hair restoration that Dr. Asaria will do.

The difference is in the details

Dr. Asaria delivers high volume FUE, giving his patients significant relief from hair loss. While many physicians use turnkey, automated technological solutions such as NeoGraft or the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant, Dr. Asaria uses a precision manual technique. With his painstaking, rigorous approach, he cuts no corners in restoring the crown and hairline for every single patient. The ability to create a natural appearance is an artistic skill, not provided by the use of technology. Further, by limiting himself to one hair transplant procedure per day, Dr. Asaria takes all the time necessary to ensure the results are natural and stable.

Meet Dr. Jamil Asaria

Toronto Hair Transplant Doctor
Dr. Jamil Asaria is a facial cosmetic surgeon who delivers among the best hair restoration Toronto has available. As a board certified facial plastic specialist, he adheres to a strict set of hair restoration standards.

In addition to standard male hair transplantation, Dr. Asaria goes several steps further. He offers female hair transplants, eyebrow transplants and facial hair transplants. With this broad array of cutting edge techniques, Dr. Asaria delivers among the best hair transplants Toronto has available. His unique approach has been been featured internationally on CNN and BBC.
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Meet Dr. Ashlin Alexander

Toronto Hair Transplant Doctor
Dr. Ashlin Alexander is a board-certified Head and Neck Surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery and Hair Restoration Surgery. Hair loss is a condition that is close to Dr. Alexander’s heart, as he saw one of his siblings lose his hair at a very young age. Dr. Alexander witnessed the social challenges and stigma his brother faced, and this has inspired him to want to make a difference in the lives of people with hair loss. As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alexander understands all aspects of facial harmony. Providing an aesthetic hairline functions to frame the face, delineate normal facial proportions and restore youthfulness. Dr. Alexander has been trained in the most technically advanced techniques of hair transplantation surgery, which look entirely natural.

"Hair Restoration Surgery is a deeply personal, intensely delicate, highly technical and profoundly creative undertaking. Understanding the personal nature of these procedures is an integral part of building relationships with my patients, and is inherent in every aspect of my practice."
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Dr. Jamil Asaria

Facial Hair Transplant

Perhaps a lesser-known branch of hair restoration, facial hair transplantation is a very important part of Dr. Asaria’s practice. For men lacking facial hair, this technique is the perfect option to restore masculinity. Just like transplanting hair on top of the head, hair is first harvested from an abundant hair source before it is precisely implanted in the beard area. Dr. Asaria’s employs careful consideration during implantation, ensuring hair growth is directionally natural.

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Dr. Jamil Asaria

Eyebrow Transplants

As an extension of facial hair transplants, Dr. Asaria also offers eyebrow transplants. An almost startlingly important feature of the face, the eyebrows allow for a broad range of expression. When they are lost to genetics, disease or other factors, one’s resulting appearance can be less than ideal. Just as with any other form of hair restoration, Dr. Asaria carefully grafts individual follicles into the eyebrow area. As a board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, his attention to detail is relentless, always striving to provide the best hair transplant Toronto has available.

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Your hair transplant Consultation With Dr. Jamil Asaria

If you are interested in what our patients call the best hair transplantation Toronto has available, your next step is a private consultation with Dr. Asaria. During this time, he will thoroughly analyze your hair pattern, allowing him to construct a custom tailored plan to deliver maximum relief from hair loss. Throughout the consultation, Dr. Asaria’s purpose is giving you the information necessary to make an educated decision regarding hair transplantation. Rather than focusing on his products and procedures, he starts with your specific needs and uses those as a foundation.

Dr. Jamil Asaria

Dr. Asaria is not only a facial plastic surgeon—he is also a board-certified head and neck surgeon. He has an intimate understanding of all structures on the head, giving him a keen sense of how to give each patient the best possible outcome. His facility is fully licensed for hair transplantation procedures. With the above qualities, Dr. Asaria’s clinic is the perfect retreat to pursue hair restoration. To get started, please call our office and schedule a consultation.

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Schedule a Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

At HAIR, nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. While we are temporarily delaying surgeries and injectables until April 6, 2020, it has created an opportunity for us to make virtual consultations as streamlined and easy as possible for you. Our office is open as usual for any email, telephone, or video inquiries. Furthermore, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander have expanded availability for virtual consultations. Schedule a virtual consultation today to explore your options and receive expert recommendations from our world-leading facial plastic surgeons.