What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction removes individual hair follicles directly from the back of your scalp, meaning there is no need to excise a long section of the scalp, resulting in a long scar from ear to ear. Further, patients can generally wear their hair relatively short after FUE, as any evidence of extraction is virtually gone in a matter of weeks. There are no stitches and no incisions that require aftercare.

Hair Transplant Process & Outcome Video

Dr. Jamil Asaria guides viewers through a detailed consultation, emphasizing personalized approaches. 

What technology do we use?

Dr. Asaria uses WAW FUE technology to manually extract maximal hairs per graft in a gentle, minimally invasive approach. WAW technology allows for less trauma and damage to the donor area, yielding a high success rate with minimal downtime and scarring. This technology originates in Belgium and has made FUE hair restoration a revolutionary and highly successful overtaking.

The WAW FUE System allows Dr. Asaria and our hair transplant team to use optimal precision during your FUE hair transplant in Toronto. We are able to customize the exact oscillation, angulation, and suction speed, in combination with dull and sharp punches to dissect rather than excise individual hairs. This allows for a seamless and deeply penetrated extraction process with higher quality, and less transected grafts.


FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Your FUE procedure always starts with a consultation. We will assess the restoration you are looking to achieve to ensure you are a good candidate for Dr. Asaria’s hand harvested FUE procedure. Dr. Asaria will design a surgical implantation plan for you, outlining the cosmetic design of your hair restoration procedure. Our ultimate goal is to compliment your aesthetic features to provide you with a natural and tasteful result.

In order to successfully move forward with your FUE hair transplant in Toronto, we will establish the overall quality and density of your “donor site.” The donor area, located at the back of your head is a non-testosterone zone, meaning that the hair follicles extracted from it will survive most of your lifetime. This is ideal to ensure a successful take rate and continued life in the receptive area of hair transplantation. If you are a good candidate, you must shave the back of your scalp for optimal harvesting.

Local anesthesia is administered to make this procedure as comfortable as possible for you. Dr. Asaria and his team will harvest individual follicular units from the back of your scalp using our state-of-the-art WAW FUE System. Follicular units are groups of one to four hairs, also known as grafts, which grow together. Each individual hair follicle will be selected by Dr. Asaria, and manually harvested with our handpiece with a microscopic tool that is less than one millimeter in diameter. All grafts are harvested with utmost precision and placed in a specialized solution that closely mimics the body’s own fluids, maintaining the tissue and maximizing its life to ensure the best possible growth.

To the receptive area, Dr. Asaria will then apply local anesthesia. Dr. Asaria and his specialized hair transplant team will begin with the transplantation process based on the implantation plan designed specifically for you. All living follicular units will be placed into exact locations across your scalp, with precise consideration for the direction in which the follicles will grow. Dr. Asaria’s specialized, high-volume technique for FUE hair transplant in Toronto allows thousands of follicles to be implanted in one procedure.

Recovery Time

The donor area and implantation sites will require time to heal, but this time period is exceptionally short. After 7-10 days, any scabs that have formed should be gone, leaving virtually no sign that any procedure was performed. After two weeks, most traces of the grafts will be completely diminished.


The breakthrough of FUE reveals itself in the recovery. There is minimal scarring opposed to the long scar caused by more traditional strip methods. This means you aren’t limited to a certain hair styles. Strip method patients must wear their hair slightly longer in the back to cover the scar left from that procedure. FUE patients enjoy hair of all lengths, short and long.

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